Pasadena Art Alliance
Art Auction 2020
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Become a patron of PAA’s May 9, 2020 Art Auction to help further our mission of fostering appreciation of contemporary visual art! All donations to our annual fundraiser go directly in support our grants and awards programs. To date, we have awarded over $6.5 million to deserving arts organizations throughout Southern California. In 2019 alone, we gifted $330,000!

Donations received prior to March 1, 2020 will be listed in our event program.

For these levels of gifts, patrons will receive complimentary tickets to the auction and/or special events (and our thanks!):

$10,000 donation - Ten tickets to Art Auction and Two to Artist Party in Fall 2020
$5,000 donation - Six tickets to Art Auction and Two to Artist Party in Fall 2020
$2,500 donation - Four tickets to Art Auction
$1,500 donation - Two tickets to Art Auction

Donations of any and every amount are accepted with our deep appreciation!

*Tickets to the Art Auction will be $250 each ($100 value) and your Patron Donation is tax deductible to the extent that it exceeds the value of the benefits received. PAA’s Tax ID number is 23-7429349.

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