Pasadena Art Alliance
2023 Benefit
Patron Donations

Become a patron of PAA's first ever Fringe Benefit. Thanks to the generous support of friends like you, the PAA has granted more than $7 million to local arts organizations to help keep the arts thriving in Southern California. We have also awarded over $170,000 in Impact Awards to nonprofit organizations that have shown excellence in providing contemporary visual art education to youth.

Patrons who give at the following levels will also receive tickets to the event:
$10,000 Avant-garde Patron - Ten tickets to the Fringe Benefit
$5,000 Groundbreaking Patron - Six tickets to the Fringe Benefit
$2,500 Cutting Edge Patron - Four tickets to the Fringe Benefit
$1,500 Innovative Patron - Two tickets to the Fringe Benefit

Donations of any and every amount are accepted with our deep appreciation!

Fringe Benefit tickets will be $250 ($100 value). Donations made to our benefit are tax deductible to the extent allowable by law. The Pasadena Art Alliance has been granted a tax exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code, Section 501 (c)(3). PAA's Tax ID number is 23-7429349.

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